Are we being prescribed too much Medication?

What we need to know.....

One of the main reasons I delved into the world of Natural/ Preventative healthcare is due to the over prescription of medication and wanting to focus more on treating the cause of health complaints with diet and lifestyle, not just covering up symptoms with medication.

Don't get me wrong our medical system is amazing, compared to numerous other countries, but there are flaws and way to much medications being prescribed that is often not neccesary. I do feel for our doctors as they are very limited on time and do a great job for the average 7 minutes they get to spend with clients. I am so thankful I have approximately an hour to really get into the in's and out's of what my clients are going through and work with them providing them information and support.

So now to get to the scary part......

Here is a little run down on the amount of common medication prescribed yearly in Australia alone:

- Anti-depressants- 35.7 million mental health care prescriptions where prescribed in 2016-2017

- Anti-Hypertensive Medication- Blood pressure medication- Over 100 million PBS prescriptions for Cardiovascular Medications where prescribed in   2015 which is 34% of all prescriptions

- Antibiotics- 30 million prescriptions under the PBS where given out in 2015 and it is estimated 4 million people recieved Antibiotics they did not   need.

- Statins- Cholesterol Lowering Medication is still the leading prescribed medication on the market with the governemnt paying over 400 million dollars   for prescription of two of the most common Statins in 2015

- Anti-Inflammatories

- Anti-Anxiety Medication- 10 million on the PBS

So what can you do to reduce your risk of needing medication?

Look at your diet, do you exercise, do you smoke, do you take drugs, what do you do everyday to take care of yourself so you are not relying on our healthcare system?

I can remember reading an article in university about how in Chinese Villages, I think it was, if any of the villagers got sick the doctor didn't get paid! Now that is an incentive to keep people well!

Our healthcare system is set up that the only way to get paid is if people get sick!

Currently our healthcare system is not financially sustainable and a significant amount of all health complaints are due to lifestyle and environmental factors, so in a nut shell majority of health complaints are due to our dietary and lifestyle choices.

What does our health status look like currently....

$170 billion dollars was spent on Healthcare in the 2015-2016 financial year and the figure is growing.

-1 in 20 children have a chronic health condition from eczema, allergies, ADHD, Autism, Asthma, Auto-Immune Disease and one that shocks me the most, Fatty Liver Disease.

-1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with Cancer

-1 in 3 will suffer with anxiety and/or depression

-63% of Australians over 18 are overweight or Obese- we know this is a huge factor in regards to so many illnesses and places a significant burdeon on   our healthcare system so what is going on? This is were we need to take responsibility for our health!

-406,000 people visit a GP everyday in Australia

There are so many other options to medication, for example research and clinical experience has shown that Magnesium is highly effective for the treatment of Anxiety and/or Depression as is diet, yoga and meditation. These are easily accessible and often free options, there are so many online yoga videos and apps such as Calm and Headspace that are free.

Exercise is important for all areas of health such as cardiovascular health, mental health, supporting healthy weight, bone health etc!

Mediterrean Diet and Exercise has shown to decrease blood pressure and reduce cholesterol (Davis, 2017)(Pescatello, 2015)

Removing preservatives, sugar, focusing on a wholefood diet and reducing screen time has shown significant improvements in children with ADHD and Autism (Beela, 2018)(Lissak, 2018)

The cancer statistics are significant 1 in 2 is just crazy! 

It is well known, in the research, that wifi, mobile phone usage etc are one of many causes for brain cancers. (Morgan, 2015)

Smoking is a significant risk factor that we all know of for numerous cancers espcially Lunch Cancer. High sugar diets, glucouse is an importnat evenergy source for cancern, play a role in the progression of cancer as well as feeding inflammation and increasing overall body weight.

We really need to start taking responsibilty for our health and the best place to start is focusing on improving your diet, supporting your mental health and participating in regular exercise.

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